Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students | Past Students

Postdoctoral Scholars and Graduate Students

Stefan Illic
Postdoctoral Scholar
Ph.D. Bowling Green State University
Eric Johnson
Postdoctoral Scholar
Ph.D. University of Southern California
Brad Gibbons
6th Year Graduate Student
B.S. Westminster College
Brittany Bonnett
5th Year Graduate Student
B.S. Fairmont State
Daniel Cairnie
5th Year Graduate Student
B.S. George Mason University
Hannah Cornell
5th Year Graduate Student
B.S. Wake Forrest
Xiaozhou Yang
4th Year Graduate Student
M.S. University of Akron
Benjamin Thomas
3rd Year Graduate Student
B.S. University of New Haven
Afroza Alam
3rd Year Graduate Student
M.S. University of Dhaka
Minliang (Alex) Yan
2nd Year MACRO Graduate Student
M.S. University of South Carolina
Tzu-Ching Cheng
3rd Year MSE Graduate Student
M.E. North Carolina State University
Claudio Amaya Santos
1st Year Graduate Student
B.S. Saint Peters University


Undergraduate Students

Eamon Bartlett
B.S. Chemical Engineering, 2023
Camille Bridgewater
B.S. Chemistry, 2024
Naomei Lidman
B.S. Chemistry, 2023
Julia LaFortune
B.A. Chemistry, 2022
Thomas Hu
B.S. Chemistry, 2023
Colleen Oldmixon
B.S. Nanoscience, 2022
Neha Reddy
B.S. Nanoscience, 2022

Past Students


Postdoctoral Researchers
Dr. Arnab Chakraborty – Intel
Dr. William Maza – Naval Research Laboratory
Dr. Pavel Usov – Tokyo Tech

Graduate Students
Dr. Shaunak Shaikh, Pd.D. 2021 
Dr. Matthew Kessinger, Ph.D. 2020 – Postdoctoral Scholar, Prof. Jerry Meyer, UNC-Chapel Hill
Dr. Meng Cai, Ph.D. 2020 – Advanced Materials
Dr. Shaoyang Lin, Ph.D. 2019 – Postdoctoral Scholar, Prof. Kimberly See, CalTech
Dr. Paula Celis-Salazar, Ph.D. 2018 – Assistant Professor, Spring Hill College, Mobile, AL
Dr. Jie Zhu, Ph.D. 2018 – Postdoctoral Scholar, Prof. Tezcan, UC San Diego
Dr. Jennifer Rowe, Ph.D. 2018 – RJ Reynolds
Dr. Cherie Epley, Ph.D. 2017- Baxter Healthcare
Dr. Spencer Ahrenholtz, Ph.D. 2016 – Intel
Dr. Carlos Landaverde Alvarado, Ph.D. 2016 – Assistant Professor of Instruction, Chemical Engineering, UT Austin
Andrew Haring, MS 2016 – Sentek Instrument
Jen Hay, MS 2014 – ECC Test Lab 

Undergraduate Students
Jamie Alatis, Class of 2019 – Duke, Graduate Program
Caitlin Augustin, Class of 2013 – Pharmacist, CVS Pharmacy
Cameron Brillhart, Class of 2020 – Officer Candidate School
Kathleen Chan, Class of 2016 –
Coating and Laminating Engineer at Eastman Chemical Company
Deaton Conner, Class of 2017
Nick Conte, Class of 2014
Clark Cucinell, Class of 2019
Katie Flint, Class of 2019
Taylor Gaillot, Class of 2015 –
Judicial Law Clerk at New Hampshire Judicial Branch
Kevin Gural, Class of 2017
Abigail Icenhour, Class of 2017 – ExxonMobil
Hunter Jacobs, Class of 2017 – Rice University, Graduate Program
Edward Jensen, Class of 2016
Catt Kefauver, Class of 2015- Textron Systems, Baltimore, MD
Ben Kolb, Class of 2017 – Systems Engineer, Think IQ

Terri Kweifo, Class of 2012 – Associate Systems Engineer, Cisco Systems – San Jose, CA
Rachael Langlois, Class of 2019 – William and Mary, Graduate Program
Jennie Lee, Class of 2023
Rachel Lewis, Class of 2017 – Chemistry and Math Teacher, New School of Northern VA
Quentin Loague, Class of 2019 – UNC-Chapel Hill, Graduate Program
Madeline Love, Class of 2015 – University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine
Dan Martell, Class of 2023
Yered Machain, Class of 2018 – MPH program, VCU

Maha Malik, Class of 2016 – Systems Engineer, MITRE
David Marshall, Class of 2013 – Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry
Ann Marie May, Class of 2019 – UNC-Chapel Hill, Graduate Program
Colin McCain -Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry
Cole McManus, Class of 2018
Jennifer Neuhard – Class of 2018 – Chemist, US Army Corps of Engineers
Steven O’Conner, Class of 2014 –
Quality Specialist (Chemistry), Nestle USA
Michelle Pomatto, Class of 2016 -Virginia Tech, Graduate Program
Jonathan Roof, Class of 2019 – Chemical Technician Specialist at W. R. Grace & Co.
Eric Sadler, Class of 2016 – NRC Postdoctoral Appointment – Laboratory for Physical Sciences in College Park, MD
Connor Slamowitz, Class of 2020 – UNC-Chapel Hill, Graduate Program
Erin Soderstrom, Class of 2018 – Laboratory Technician, PPG Industries
Bethany Stratakes, Class of 2016 – University of North Carolina, Graduate Program
David Strickland, Class of 2015 – Richmond Public Schools
Rei Sturm, Class of 2016 –
Software Engineering Intern at PayPal

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