Picture of the Research Group

We are an interdisciplinary research group at the intersection between physical and inorganic/molecular materials chemistry focused on the areas of light-matter interactions and catalysis. We synthesize small organic and inorganic molecules for stand-alone studies and integration into three-dimensional molecular materials, namely metal-organic frameworks. We use the synthesized molecules and molecular materials to study complex reaction mechanisms and uncover design rules for desired reactivities. The techniques heavily utilized for all projects include NMR, electrochemistry, optical spectroscopy (steady-state and time-resolved), X-ray diffraction, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, electron microscopy, and synchrotron-based techniques. 

We are always actively recruiting graduate students! Join our team!

(Update 12/1/2021) We are currently recruiting postdoctoral associates to join our team! Current position is looking for expertise in MOF synthesis and (photo)electrochemistry! Apply here!

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